Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crooked Money Mixtape - Doe Floats Vol. I

01. Fuck You, Pay Me
02. Maxamillion
03. Fools Rush (Prod. Crooked Money)
04. Drop Five (Prod. Crooked Money)
05. Post And Pivot
06. Power In Numbers
07. Down
08. Put That On You
09. Saints And Sinners
10. Fast Money
11. Lotta Shit
12. Wannabe Freestyle
13. The Doe Chant
14. Double Dutchin
15. Fresh Money
16. Go A Little Harder
17. Just Quit
18. Stuck
19. Made Man Freestyle
20. What Do You Do
21. Obsession
22. Profit
23. World So Cold
24. Gunz Clap Freestyle
25. Burger King
26. What U Need
27. Put This On Your Mind
28. Wax Off

My first collaborative mixtape. Dropped in December of '07 and still turning heads, we can never get enough promotion out of this one. You have the Doe Getters (Moola and Gwap) teaming up with Float Heavy (Crooked Money/Cyrus S. "PapaDoc"). This is true money music. I still hustle to this one daily.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crooked Makes The Money

This is ya boy Crooked Money, welcome to yet another blog.

Crooked Money means no money is obtained by "pure" means. The very idea of money can be speculated as "crooked" as well.

I myself am not against money, but once you get more than enough, why do you need more?

So what is this blog about?

I have beats that I make for free on, despite those, I will post my DJ mixes here along with freebies and goodies here for download. I support music then money. We'll see how it goes.

Outside of this music shit, I'll hit you off with good reads I find on the internet. Stay straight, remember Crooked Money.